Black C8 Wire Mesh Trays


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  1. High Corrosion Resistance
    Demonstrated with more than 1000 hours in the neutral salt spray tests and obtained through a new manufacturing process that improves both the barrier effect against the aggressive media and the ability of self healing in damaged areas. With the result obtained in the neutral salt spray test, more than 850 hours, the corrosion resistance is classified as Class 8, according to Table 9 of the current standard BS EN 61537 trays.

  2. Better Features than Hot Dip Galvanised
    Hot dip galvanised normally ranges from between 45 to 70 microns mean coating thickness, so it should be Class 5, 6, or 7, having a lower corrosion resistance than BLACK C8.

  3. Aesthetic appearance
    The smooth finish is much more aesthetic than that of hot dip galvanised.
    - No sharp edges or ends.
    - No irregularities or areas with reduced thickness.
    - Black colour provides excellent aesthetics which
    are suitable for decorative applications, commercial facilities, false ceilings, etc.

  4. Electrical continuity
    This coating maintains the electrical continuity of rejiband®, complying with the requirements of BS EN 61537 standard for cable tray system with electrical continuity characteristics.
    This feature allows bonding to other exposed conductive elements and, in case of a fault, the evacuation of electrical currents to the earth.

  5. The most appropriate coating for Data Centers
    BLACK C8 coating avoids the emergence of the phenomenon of Zinc Whiskers, or loosening of filaments of zinc, which can be a serious problem within the electronics of clean rooms in Data Processing Centers.

  6. Increased capacity for selfhealing, or self-repairing, of the protective layer
    The characteristics of self-healing, or self regeneration, on scratches, minor defects or in the cutting of the wire, are remarkably better than that of the zinc.

  7. Excellent ductility
    It is possible to bend the the tray without causing any damage to the finish. These features retain the properties of flexibility and the forming of accessories with rejiband®, bends, level changes, in any format.

  8. Environmentally Friendly
    The BLACK C8 coating is manufactured in a process which significantly reduces energy consumption and waste generation over other coatings which consume more resources like Hot dip galvanised.

  9. Full Range of brackets and accessories
    rejiband® BLACK C8, product range includes a complete catalogue of accessories and supports, providing a high corrosion resistance and a better visual aspect to the whole installation.
    This system offers the same corrosion resistance of Class C8 for everything, improving the performance of the system against aggressive environments and enhancing the performance of a hot dip galvanized finish, where accessories and brackets do not reach this classification.
    The system is complemented by the use of a black colour zinc spray that is suitable for the protection and aesthetic improvement of cut rods and possible damage caused during installation.


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