About Scankab Systems A/S

Scankab Systems A/S was founded in 2015 and is a subsidiary company of Scankab Nordic A/S.
Scankab Nordic A/S also consists of the subsidiaries Scankab Systems AS (NO), Scankab Cables A/S (DK), Scankab Cables AS (NO) and Scankab Cables AB.

Scankab Systems is based on highly skilled employees and Scankab Cables’ many years of experience within the industry.

Scankab Systems is specializing in cable management systems such as wire mesh trays, cable ladders, and metallic trays.

We aim to grow continuously within the industry and combine our competences with Scankab Cables’ extensive experience in the cable industry. Together with Scankab Cables’ more than 3500-in stock cable types, we have the broadest assortment of mesh trays on the market, which makes us the obvious supplier.

Scankab Systems is based in Aarup, Denmark, together with Scankab Nordic's main office and main warehouse, in order to combine our competences in the most efficient way.  

About Scankab

The Scankab Group was founded in 1992. The company is young and dynamic, which reflects itself in the constant growth that has characterised the company since the foundation. The growth has been particularly rapid since 2002, and the company harvests great appreciation on the market, especially in the Southern Region of Denmark, where we have been named gazelle-company every year since 2004.