Sales and delivery terms

The terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to all offers, sales, and deliveries unless otherwise agreed upon.

Prices are stated per meter, excluding VAT and PVC charges. In the event of changes in exchange rates, copper prices, taxes, and other public charges, the seller reserves the right to adjust prices.

Any written quotation is binding on Scankab Systems A/S for 14 days from the date of the quotation, unless otherwise agreed or specified. All quotations are subject to prior sale.

Specific delivery arrangements are to be agreed upon between the customer and Scankab Systems A/S. In the absence of any other agreement, delivery is considered to have occurred when the goods are handed over to an external carrier. Insurance of the buyer's transportation risk is only provided by Scankab Systems A/S if agreed upon in writing. Regardless of the applicable terms of delivery, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the goods can be delivered under suitable conditions.

Delivery is made EXW (Ex Works) from our warehouse, unless otherwise agreed.

Delivery outside Denmark is subject to agreement. Regarding delivery times, the following applies: If nothing is agreed upon, delivery will take place as soon as possible. In cases where a delivery week is agreed upon, delivery on the last day of the agreed delivery week is considered timely in all respects. Scankab Systems A/S can request an extension of the delivery time in the following cases:

  1. Changes to the order requested by the buyer.
  2. Delays in deliveries or services carried out or commissioned by the buyer.
  3. In the event of force majeure, as per the present delivery conditions (Section Delays).
  4. In the event that work on the delivery is stopped or delayed for reasons beyond the seller's control. In the above points 1, 2, and 4, Scankab also reserves the right to adjust the agreed price in accordance with the costs incurred by Scankab Systems A/S in this regard.

Delivery delays due to strikes, lockouts, war, fire, or other force majeure events do not entitle the buyer to compensation. Scankab Systems A/S is obliged to promptly inform the buyer if force majeure or other circumstances beyond Scankab Systems A/S's control occur.

In general, the return of goods can only occur after prior written agreement.

Misorders and returns are credited with a fee of at least 25% of the invoiced amount. The customer is responsible for freight/handling costs, and the credited amount is offset against future purchases. Special order items and goods delivered in cut lengths are not returnable.

Net cash unless otherwise agreed. The buyer is not entitled to offset any counterclaims against the seller. The seller reserves the right to request payment security, and such security can be requested even after the order has been accepted. If the purchase amount is not paid on time, interest is calculated in accordance with the sales invoice.

Reservation of Ownership
The seller reserves the right to ownership of the sold goods until the entire purchase price, plus any additional costs, has been paid to the seller.

Defects and Complaints
Upon delivery, the buyer must immediately inspect the goods from the seller. If the buyer wishes to claim a defect, the buyer must, immediately after the defect is discovered or should have been discovered, provide written notice to the seller, specifying the nature of the defect. If the buyer does not make a complaint as specified, the buyer cannot later assert the defect. At the seller's discretion, defects in the goods will be rectified or replaced at the seller's expense within a reasonable period. If this does not occur, the buyer is entitled to terminate the contract in question. If the buyer has not asserted the defect to the seller within 14 days of the delivery date, the buyer cannot later assert the defect.

Product Liability
Scankab Systems A/S, in no event, can be held liable for the buyer's financial loss, including loss of profit, as a result of delayed delivery or defects in the goods, products, or services delivered by Scankab Systems A/S.

Breach of Contract
In the event of the buyer's breach of contract, the seller is entitled to cease further deliveries and demand compensation in accordance with the general contract law rules.

Sale of Goods
Act Where no special conditions are specified above, the general rules of the Sale of Goods Act apply.

Limitation of Seller's Liability
To the extent that nothing else is provided by mandatory legislation, Scankab Systems A/S is solely liable for damage to persons or property caused by a defect in a product delivered by Scankab Systems A/S. Scankab Systems A/S, in no event, is liable for the buyer's indirect financial loss, including but not limited to loss of profit, operational loss, etc.

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
Any disputes between the parties shall be settled in the court of Odense, applying Danish law.

Updated d. 14.09.2023