CLICK Wire Mesh Trays - EZ, BC

Scankab Systems presents CLICK. A quick coupling wiremesh tray system which improves the features of other joint systems offering the following advantages

Main Advantages:

  1. Just 2 steps for installation
  2. Strong joint which supports heavy loads.
  3. Electrical continuity according to IEC 61537 Standard.
  4. 40% Time savings.
  5. 30% Cost savings.
  6. BYCRO coating Class 5 according to IEC 61537 + electrogalvanized class 3.

More than 450 hours of resistance in the Salt spray chamber test.

This quick click system is fully compatible with the full range of accessories and brackets available for the rejiband® system. It also includes all of the following features:

  • Patented safety edge. Avoids damage to cables and injury to the installer.
  • Cut, Bend and Join System. Accessories, such as bends, tees, risers and droppers, can be created by using the straight length.
  • It is lightweight, providing maximum ventilation and cleanliness for the cables.
  • Provides high strength and flexibility.

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