Cable Ladder KSF80 KSF80 - HDG


The cable ladder KSF80 is suitable for industry. KSF80 is designed with extra reinforcements so that the ladders can be set up with a console distance of 9 meters. The entire KSF80 range is complementary to several other systems on the market and can therefore be easily integrated into existing installations with a well-known accessory program.


HDG = Hot Dip Galvanized
Hot-dip galvanized after machining, coating thickness 55 μm. Corrosion class C1 - C4.

Technical data

Sold in lengths of 6 meters.
Stainless 316L can be supplied on request.


IEC 61537, EAC, CE, RoHS
SKU EAN Material Dimension (mm) Diameter (mm)* Packaging
1449532 6438377021665 HDG 200x6000 - 6 m
1449533 6438377021672 HDG 300x6000 - 6 m
1449534 6438377021689 HDG 400x6000 - 6 m
1449535 6438377021696 HDG 500x6000 - 6 m
1449536 6438377021702 HDG 600x6000 - 6 m
* The values can have small deviations